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De-Seizing Lubricant 

• DEGRILUB is a liquid product that wets extremely well and easily settles into seized parts to be loosened. • DEGRILUB lubricates and eliminates noise.  
• DEGRILUB counteracts humidity and provides anti-rust protection for metal surfaces.
• DEGRILUB is formulated from refined raw materials, contains no chlorinated solvents, and contains no solvents that are toxic to HUMANS or the ENVIRONMENT. • DEGRILUB meets current legal requirements.
• DEGRILUB uses a gas propellant that does not harm the ozone layer (CO2). 

De-seizing lubricant for all blocked or shiny mechanical parts.  

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Spray generously on parts to be loosened. Wait for the product to settle between surfaces. Release parts without forcing. Repeat application if parts remain blocked.

Aspect : transparent liquid
Odour : pine  
Colour : light yellow
Density at 20°c: 0,815
Flash point : >60°C                    
Operating temperature: -30°C to +100°C
Dielectric strength : > 40 KV

• INDUSTRY: De-seizing threaded connections, blocked flanges, corroded or rusted nuts, and a variety of threads. Protecting metal surfaces (machine frames, chrome), and mechanisms exposed to the elements. Use on runners, and wood-working machines. 
• AUTOMOBILES and TRANSPORT Lubricating locks, hinges, springs and all inaccessible mechanisms.  
• COMMERCE  Lubricating and protecting office equipment (drawers, hinges, sliding doors).  
• OTHER Use on door hinges, garage doors, various sliding door mechanisms. Insulating and protection against humidity; devices, lawn mowers, useful for do-it-yourself projects. Cleans and de-seizes hedge shear blades, various types of secateurs, bicycles, scooters, and cultivators. 

650 ml aerosol ref. 4801 A4 x 12
5 l jerrycan ref. 2801 J1 x 4
200 l drum  ref. 2801 U2 x 1