H.T. 600 (601)
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Product Description

Aluminium-based, anti-seizing mounting and assembling paste, for oxidizing environments.

This product, specially created to prevent seizing and corroding - whether caused by chemical, atmospheric or thermal reactions, ensures permanent protection against rust and oxidation. It significantly facilitates assembly and dismantling of some metal parts, reducing down time and maintenance manpower.
  • Excellent resistance in an oxidizing environment.
  • Good resistance to high temperatures.
  • Prevents seizing and wrenching.
  • Enables fluxing of metal and recovery of screw threads.
  • Has a very low coefficient of friction.
Anti-corrosion and anti-rust: Forms a protective coating on bolts, cables, chains, and exterior equipment or equipment exposed to a corrosive environment.  
At high temperatures: bolts and gaskets for cylinder heads, intake manifold runners, various manifolds, boiler valves, flange gaskets, valves, burners, laminator bolts and nuts, bolts, studs, oven conveyor chains, cellophane overwrapping machines, plastic injection moulding machines. Threads of screwed parts or gaskets exposed to very high temperatures for long periods are no longer affected by high temperatures and can be dismantled easily, without seizing or wrenching
At normal temperatures:
bolts, jib crane studs and rollers, metal heaters, bucket chains, naval and mining equipment, gaskets and packing.  
On damaged threads, the H.T. 600 paste enables fluxing of metal and recovery of screw threads without use of taps or dies. 

Aspect : pasty
Colour : silvery
Density (NF T 60-101) :  1050 kg/m3
Worked penetration  (NFT 60-132) : 310/340
Operating temperature : -40 à +650°C
Dielectric conductivity : 2.25 108. Ω−1.m-1 

650 ml aerosol : Ref. 4601 A4  x1 2
200 g tube : Ref. 3601 T4 x 12
250 ml tin with brush : Ref. 3601 B4 x 6
1 kg box : Ref. 3601 B7 x 6
5 kg bucket : Ref. 3601 S1 x 2